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Thanks for a GREAT season. Check back in January 2018 for registration details.
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End of the Season Celebration Info
 Posted: 6/26/17 3:13PM

Tomorrow night is the end of the season celebration. For a quick check in process please visit the Shark Store on our home page and pay online. We can only accept checks or cash if you pay at the door. Swimmers are free, all others are $5.00. Please remember to fill out the waiver and show your confirmation email at the check in table. 

Attached is the invitation...   more

Legends Layout- SWIM
SHARKS Party Invite
End of the Season Celebration Map & Invite
 Posted: 6/22/17 2:23PM

Come one come all and join us for the End of the Season Celebration.  Attached you will find a map of Legends and where to find the different activities offered during our event.  Also attached is the invitation, please RSVP by tonight! A quick run down of activities: Eat from 5-6; Awards from 6 til 6:45; have fun and play til 9! We hope to see everyone...   more

SHARKS Party Invite
Legends Layout- SWIM
All Star Attachements
 Posted: 6/22/17 11:16AM

 Sorry for the confusion. The links provided in the previous email are not working. Attached please find the  All Stars information.

RSVP Link:

...   more

ALL Star Info
All Stars Entries
Ponderosa Invitational
  Posted: 6/21/17 9:56PM

Shark family,

Enclosed is pertinent information regarding the Ponderosa Invitational this weekend at Klein Oak High School.

Saturday Warm-ups: 8:20-8:40 am in lane 5.

Preliminaries start at 9 am and are scheduled to be completed at 1:20.  If your shark qualifies for finals, warm ups begin at 4:30 and will remain open until 5:15.  Finals are scheduled...   more

Pond-Warm ups
All Star Information
  Posted: 6/21/17 9:27PM

Shark family,

Here is some pertinent information regarding our All Stars meet this weekend. Please click here for further details regarding timeline and other information. Please check all relay & individual entries, located HERE(pages 50-53) and email Coach Suz with any issues immediately.  Information regarding Ponderosa to follow! 

Saturday Warm...   more

End of the Season Celebration Invitation
  Posted: 6/21/17 7:15AM

 Attached you will find an invitation to the End of the Season Party. Please let us know if you are able to make by RSVP yes or no. If you are able to come please follow the instructions on the invitation. If you have any questions please let us know.

RSVP Link:

...   more

SHARKS Party Invite
Monday and Wednesday night practices
  Posted: 6/19/17 12:19PM

Sharks family,

Due to the difficulty with the pool this morning, the coaches will continue Monday and Wednesday night practices for those that qualified for the invitational meets this weekend. 7-7:30 for 10&under, 7:30-8:15 for 11&up.

Thanks for your continued support,




...   more
Monday and Wednesday night practices
  Posted: 6/19/17 12:10PM

Sharks family,

Due to the difficulty with the pool this morning, the coaches will continue Monday and Wednesday night practices for those that qualified for the invitational meets this weekend. 7-7:30 for 10&under, 7:30-8:15 for 11&up.

Thanks for your continued support,




...   more
Psych Sheet for Divisional Meet
  Posted: 6/15/17 8:32PM

Attached you will find the entries for the divisional meet this weekend. 

...   more

Friday Practice & Divisional INFO
  Posted: 6/15/17 4:52PM

The Concession stand is OPEN TOMORROW  for a concession clean out during most practices.

Hot Dogs- $1.00

SnoCones, drinks, chips and candy. $.50 

Bring your spare change and help us sell out for the season...and get some good deals! 


Cirlce In: 2:30-2:45 Sorry but NO late circle ins. If you will be late please text someone...   more

RSVP by 6pm TODAY!
  Posted: 6/13/17 6:43AM

 Just a reminder to RSVP yes or no by 6pm TODAY for the Divisional meet on Saturday.

RSVP Link:

...   more
Volunteer Credit Update
  Posted: 6/12/17 10:50AM

Shark Families:

We have had a great season this year, but it is coming to an end.  This Saturday is our Divisional Meet.  It will be an afternoon meet at Klein Collins High School so please plan accordingly.  The Volunteer Sign Up is open, and while many of you have already reached your 5 required credits we have to fill all the slots listed.

Attached...   more

2017 Volunteer Credits through 06-10-17
Divisional's RSVP Reminder & End of the Season Invitation
  Posted: 6/12/17 8:18AM

Shark Family,

Please remember to RSVP your swimmer before 6pm Tuesday (tomorrow) for the Divisional's meet on Saturday. 

Correction: A swimmer may swim at Divisionals if they have an offical time . An official time is a time swum without disqualification at a meet which was sanctioned by the NWAL in the current season.

Swim 4...   more

SHARKS Party Invite
Invitational Qualifying Swimmers
  Posted: 6/11/17 2:57PM

Click the Document below to see if your swimmer Qualifies for either Invitational. Qualifying swimming times are in GREEN.

...   more

Set up
  Posted: 6/9/17 12:04PM

Shark Family,

If you would like to set up for the meet tomorrow, you may do so from 6:30-7:00 tonight. No earlier. The pool closes at 7:00 so the gate will be locked at that time. See you all in the morning. 


RSVP Link:

...   more
Psych sheet for meet vs. Gleannloch
  Posted: 6/8/17 11:44PM

Attached is the psych sheet for the home meet on Saturday vs. Gleannloch.

Please remember to circle in before 7:20. 


...   more

Volunteers for Saturday at Home
  Posted: 6/7/17 11:41AM


We still have many volunteer slots open for this Saturday, our last home meet.  Please sign up as soon as possible.  The Volunteer form will be kept open until Thursday at noon.



...   more
Volunteering this weekend
  Posted: 6/7/17 9:40AM

Shark Family,

There are lot of open volunteer positions for our last home meet of the season. If your child is swimming in the meet we ask that you volunteer regardless of how many volunteer hours you may have. We thank you for your dedication and time in advance. See you at the pool!


RSVP Link:

...   more
RSVP your swimmer before NOON Today
  Posted: 6/7/17 7:43AM

 Just a reminder to RSVP for the meet this weekend.  See you at the pool!

RSVP Link:

...   more
Summer Thunder Volunteer Info
  Posted: 6/3/17 5:32PM

Shark Family,

Please sign up to time. Sharks are required to volunteer if they enter their child in the meet. Just  FYI, they will suspend the meet until all slots for timer are filled. So please sign up for whatever time slot is convenient. They are divided into small increments of time so you do not have time for long. Thanks for your support.

RSVP Link:...   more

Summer Thunder/Sunday - Monday Info
  Posted: 6/2/17 8:56AM

Shark Family,

We have two meets this coming up the weekend.  Tomorrow, Saturday, June 3, we go up against the Spring Cypress Stingrays and I hope they get to feel the Chomp of all our sharks!  Then we get to turn around and spend the next 2 days at our invitation meet at Klein High School, Summer Thunder.

Attached you will find information regarding our...   more

Sumemr Thunder Meet Entries Summary
warmup timeline and timer assignments
Spring Cypress Parking info
  Posted: 6/2/17 8:13AM

 Shark Family,

Attached are two maps explaining parking and set up for tomorrow. Circle-in is 7:00-7:15.  See you at the pool!!!
RSVP Link:

...   more

Spring Cypress Parking map
Spring Cypress Pool map
Summer Thunder Info
  Posted: 6/1/17 8:16PM

HI Shark family,

Attached you will find information on warm-ups and a time line of events.  If you have any questions please let us know. See ya at the pool!

RSVP Link:

...   more

Combined Document for Posting Summer Thunder 2017
Summer Thunder Timing Slots
  Posted: 6/1/17 10:24AM

Hi Parents:

We just received our timing requirements for Summer Thunder this morning and the volunteer template is now open.  If you signed up previously please go in and re-sign up.  The original template was incorrect.  If you have swimmers swimming both Sunday and Monday please choose a Sunday slot first as we have more requirements on Sunday than we...   more

Swim-4-Sharks Volunteering
  Posted: 5/31/17 12:40PM

Hi Parents:

The Volunteer page for Swim-4-Sharks is now open! 

Remember to have your kids get pledges so we can help the Kahl family and Rock CF "...Inspire and Empower People with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Families."

See you at the pool!


...   more
RSVP your swimmer before NOON
  Posted: 5/31/17 6:22AM

 Click below go to Events- Spring Cypress to RSVP- YES or NO!  See you at the pool!

RSVP Link:

...   more
Volunteer Credit Hours
  Posted: 5/30/17 5:12PM

Hello Parents:

I have been going through the Volunteer Credits and have decided to drop the required credits down to 5 from 6.  Our team is larger than it has been in the past and it may not be feasible for everyone to get 6 credits.  By doing this though, I need you to understand that we still have volunteer obligations to run a meet so even though you may...   more

2017 Volunteer Credits as of 06-03-17
Pactice Tonight!
  Posted: 5/30/17 1:06PM

Shark Family,

Weather permitting, we will have our regularly scheduled practices. If practice is canceled you will be notified via text. We will swim in the rain but not thunder storms. 


...   more
RSVP Reminder
  Posted: 5/30/17 9:00AM

Shark Family,

 Please remember to RSVP your swimmer(s) by NOON tomorrow. See you at the pool!

RSVP Link:

...   more
** Summer Thunder Update
  Posted: 5/27/17 5:56AM

Swim-Team.Us has discovered and fixed a problem with Summer Thunder entries. This error only shows up for families with more than one swimmer in the meet.  The bug can sometimes overwrite one swimmer's events with the events for their sibling.

If you have registered for the Summer Thunder Invitational event and have more than one swimmer it is very important...   more

Friday Practice
  Posted: 5/26/17 8:24AM

Today's practices will be drylands. Please wear tennis shoes and bring water. 

...   more
Heat Sheet for 5/27 Meet SHEN at SCO
  Posted: 5/25/17 9:01PM

I have attached the heat sheet for the meet this weekend. 

...   more

Summer Thunder
  Posted: 5/25/17 1:44PM

Sharks Family,

Important informational email: 2 attachments

Our first invitational of the season is coming up at Klein High School.  Attached to this email is the information regarding the meet.  It is Sunday and Monday, June 4 and 5.  See the Summer Thunder 2017 attachment for schedule of events & qualifying times.  All swimmers 12 and under...   more

Summer Thunder 2017
Summer Thunder Entry instructions
Thurs & Friday's Practice
  Posted: 5/25/17 10:09AM

Shark Family,

The pool is still green after several shock treatments. A specialist is coming today to see what can be done. Dry land practice will take the place today and possibly tomorrow. We will evaluate the pool again on Friday and notify you then.

Today please wear tennis shoes and bring water. We will meet in the parking lot and walk to the park. The schedule...   more

RSVP your swimmer before NOON Today
  Posted: 5/24/17 5:42AM

Please RSVP YES or NO your swimmer by NOON today for the meet this weekend against Spring Creek Oaks. 

See ya at the pool. 

RSVP Link:

...   more
All Practices cancelled
  Posted: 5/23/17 4:35PM

Sorry for the late notice but the pool needs a shock treatment.  It has Algae bloom and needs to be shocked. With us out of the water today and tomorrow that should help. We will be ready to practice on Thursday.

Chick-fil-a will still be available for pickup between 5:30- 6:15. 

Tomorrow is Picture Day! See everyone at 5 pm.



...   more
RSVP Reminder
  Posted: 5/23/17 7:21AM

Shark Family,

Just a reminder to RSVP your swimmer by noon tomorrow!  See ya at the Pool.

RSVP Link:

...   more
Entries for 5/20 meet vs Waves
  Posted: 5/17/17 9:48PM

The entries for this weekend's meet are attached to this email. Scroll down or search to find your swimmer and the events they will be swimming on Saturday. 



...   more

RSVP your swimmer before NOON
  Posted: 5/17/17 6:48AM

RSVP Closes today at NOON so please let us know if you will or will not be swimming this weekend by clicking the link below.

RSVP Link:

...   more
RSVP Reminder
  Posted: 5/15/17 8:48PM

Just a reminder to RSVP your swimmer by Noon on Wednesday May 17th for Saturday's meet against The Woodlands Waves. Please RSVP YES or NO. Hope to see everyone at the Shenandoah pool Saturday morning.

RSVP Link:

...   more
Information for the meet
  Posted: 5/12/17 2:40PM

Memorial Northwest Marlins Pool
17440 Theiss Mail Rte Rd, Spring, TX 77379

Circle-In is 7:10-7:25
Parking is available next door at Theiss Elementary. ​

Set up is on the tennis courts outside of pool area.​

...   more
RSVP Reminder
  Posted: 5/9/17 6:45AM

Hi Shark Family,

Just a reminder to RSVP your swimmer by 12:00pm tomorrow. Have a great day!


RSVP Link:

...   more
No Practice tonight-Grub burger night
  Posted: 5/4/17 7:19AM

REMINDER! TODAY Thursday, May 4th is our Grub Burger Bar spirit night. This is always a favorite event! **NO PRACTICES!**


Grub Burger is located at: 2417 Research Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77381 Come support our swimmers and have a fun evening with Shark families. Coaches and Board members...   more

RSVP your swimmer
  Posted: 5/4/17 1:40PM

 Your swimmer is NOT registered NO or YES for the practice meet this Saturday. Please email the your swimming status as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Hope to see you at the pool on Saturday. 

RSVP Link:

...   more
RSVP your swimmer before NOON
  Posted: 5/3/17 10:15AM

Just a reminder to remember to RSVP your swimmer by noon today! Instructions can be found in the latest issue of Shark Bytes. If you have any questions or problems please email the 


RSVP Link:

...   more
In water practice starts MONDAY

Monday we start in the water.  Please remember to bring your swimmer's goggles, rubber fins, towel and water. Parents, please drop off your swimmer with the coaches and enjoy watching practice from under the awning in front of the office buildings. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice, we ask that you remain in the designated/flagged-off...   more

Chick-Fil-A Dates
  Posted: 4/20/17 10:26AM

Hi Parents:

There has been some confusion about the dates Chick-fil-a will be delivering food to the pool.  The correct dates are every Tuesday in May except for the last week and it will be Thursday which is the last day of school. So, May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and June 1st.  All orders and money must be turned in by Monday the 24th of April.  Thanks...   more

Dryland practice starts tomorrow & the Stroke Boot Camp

Hi Shark Family!

The season is upon us. Tomorrow Dryland practice begins. Please have swimmer wear tennis shoes and comfortable workout clothing. You can choose to attend both the Camp and/or Drylands.

Dry Land Practice: April 17 - April 20 - Bring water!

  • Monday-Thursday
    • 5:00- 5:30PM 6 & Under
    • 5:30- 6:15PM 8 & Under
    • 6:15-...   more
Stroke Boot Camp Fundraiser

Attached you will find details on the Stroke Boot Camp we are offering April 17th -20th . Perfect for the swimmer wanting to refine and improve their strokes.

The season is fast approaching. See you at the pool!

...   more

Suz Stroke Boot Camp
2017 Registration

The 2017 Shenandoah Sharks Team is FULL.


If you missed the opportunity to swim with us this year please check back in February 2018.

...   more
Complete Registration Reminder

Shark Families --

Please remember your registration is not complete until you turn in your $250 Volunteer Incentive Program check.

The due date is March 25 (postmarked on that date.) You may mail it to Shenandoah Sharks Swim Team, PO Box 133031, Spring, TX 77381-3031.

The check will not be deposited or cashed as long as families meet the volunteer...   more

2017 Team Info

Hello, Shark Family!

We are gearing up and getting very excited for our upcoming season! As we prepare, we wanted to share a few dates, events, reminders, etc. with you. As always, if you have questions or need additional information, please send us an email at

A friendly reminder that volunteer incentive checks are due...   more

2017 Schedule

 May 6 - Time Trials Home

May 13 -  Memorial Northwest Away

May 20 - Woodlands Waves Home 

May 27 - Spring Creek Oaks Away 

June 3 - Spring Cypress Away

June 4 & 5 - Mid Season Invitationals

June 10 - Gleannloch Farms Home

June 17 - Divisionals

June 24 & 25 - All-Stars...   more

2017 Registration Reminder

Time is flying! Registration for previous Sharks & Shenandoah Residents ends Wednesday. Thursday, February 23rd registration will open to the community. Age Group caps will once again be observed. We are filling up fast. Visit to register.

See you at the pool!

***If you wish to no longer receive emails from the Sharks please...   more

2017 Registration
  Posted: 2/8/17 10:30PM

Just a reminder that pre-registration for the 2017 Shenandoah Shark Swim season starts Monday, February 13th at 8am for all returning Shark Families and Shenandoah residents.  Visit our website to register and look for the red registration button in upper right side of the site.  We will implement an age group cap again this year so please register...   more

2017 Announcement
  Posted: 1/7/17 11:12AM

Hello, Sharks!

Happy New Year! We are gearing up and getting excited for the 2017 Shenandoah Sharks swim season. As we head into the new year, we wanted to make a couple announcements. Please join us in congratulating Coach Suz White on her new role as Sharks Head Coach! We are thrilled that Coach Suz will be taking on this position and we look forward to her leading...   more

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